Innovative Composite Engineering is able to provide composite solutions with carbon fibre and fibre glass for structural & non-structural elements in motor bikes & automobiles. The high specific strength of composites gives excellent weight reductions meaning higher performance with lower fuel consumptions.


Composite, especially carbon fibre has better fatigue and vibration damping properties than steel. This along with the excellent corrosion resistance allows composites to be used extensively in high performance vehicles for both recreational and motor sport. Composites can also be engineered to have excellent impact resistance, allowing them to absorbed most of the impact energy thus adding safety to the structure.


These are parts which do not bear loads and have lower strength requirements. Composite, especially fibre glass, can be effectively used to reduce the weight while also offering savings in processing and assembly. Unlike metals, composites can be made in shapes & sizes with very little restrictions while still being a single piece component. This saves assembly and spare parts cost. The absences of joints removes the need for welding which saves costs and also enables a joint-less and stronger part to be designed.

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